I'm glad I called and emailed Mike.  He's very professional and polite.  I highly recommend him to everybody!  I can't wait to work with him again.

Jessie Ann Banda

Real Estate

Want someone with plenty of Tax experience to help you file your taxes & protect you from the IRS?... Look no further...

Matthew Nieschalk


There are plenty of tax preparers who can serve those who need just the basics on an annual basis, but most of us are doing something where a keen set of eyes can find some means to save some money.  In my case, I brought Mike Ornelas a gigantic mess about which I myself was totally muddled.  He never made me feel bad about my fumbles or confusion…All that I could say was just, "Wow!"  My only regret is not having learned of him many years ago.

Mark Walsh

Real Estate Professional

I found Mike to very helpful and knowledgeable with his services. I came to him needing assitance and not only did he tackle the problem right away but he followed up with me to make sure I stayed in compliance. His book on tax resolutions was an excellent read and at a good cost on Amazon. Shout out to Mike for all you do.

Alfred White

Owed the IRS $178,500; settled for $1,200.


Small Business Owner