Rave Reviews

Best description I can think of is a single word.

able to be relied on as honest or truthful

Mike tells you what he can do and sets out to do it.

Tom Kinney

Mike is not just a great CPA/EA… He’s an awesome business consultant that goes above and beyond what CPA’s usually do for your taxes. He takes pride and joy in coaching self-employed clients such as myself get setup for success!! I highly recommend Mike!

Jerry Rivera

Mike is responsive and speaks in plain English. I’ve used him for the past few years and plan to continue to do so.

Sam Marelich

I found Mike to very helpful and knowledgeable with his services. I came to him needing assistance and not only did he tackle the problem right away but he followed up with me to make sure I stayed in compliance. His book on tax resolutions was an excellent read and at a good cost on Amazon. Shout out to Mike for all you do.

Alfred White

I have never had such a great experience with tax professionals as I am having with Sacramento Tax Resolution. Always quick to respond to any and all questions and we very scared when our bookkeeper for 23 years retired. I am at complete ease! thank you so much for you and all the team. AWESOME!

Angie Diamond

Mr. Ornelas has been a professional with timely response and great communication overall. Thank you for making filing our tax yes easier, especially for maximizing as 1099 work to save us quite a bit, and even educating us on valuable tax information. Thanks! Highly recommended.

Rafael Remotigue

My husband and I really appreciate Mike for listening to our situation patiently and for sharing his knowledge during our initial consultation. He sounds like a nice person, not like those who pressure to sell their services. Thank you for your advice!

Naomi Sato

Mike was very professional and informative in handling our tax resolution. I would highly recommend Sacramento Tax Service. Thank you.

John Veith

Mike is an awesome guy who is very friendly and knows his work. He also is very knowledgeable and explains everything to you.


First I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys really went above and beyond. “If we can’t help,we will not take your case”,that’s what made me call and I’m glad I did. A few minutes of your time,that’s all it take, it can make a world of difference. Anyone with tax problems,call them. God bless and thank you.

Sathiane Soulyalangsy

I’ve enjoyed working with you very much because it takes the pressure off me. I was able to deal with someone in person. I felt satisfied with what I needed to have done. I was able to get my taxes done and take a load off my mind. It was the one thing in my life that was unresolved. I think, from this point forward, I can enjoy my life a little bit more.

Bruce Johnson

Mike is currently helping me resolve a tax issue. He has been clear and concise in what he can do. He has been responsive to my questions and easy to work with.

Keith Castle

What CAN’T you do? I’ve sent an upbeat email to my friends telling them about your services. If I ever come across anyone who needs tax services, I’ll be sure to put in a plug for you.

Mark Walsh

I wish I had learned about you sooner! It would’ve saved me the aggravation of hiring another firm and paying them thousands of dollars to do nothing for me.

Vernon Nightwalker

Five stars.

Kevin Forrest

After moving to Sacramento during the Pandemic amongst so much uncertainty- I’ve found that I can trust that with Mike and his team- our family’s finances are in safe hands.

His email newsletters are the only regular emails I keep for his serve as a wealth of useful, practical knowledge (unlike other spam email). The newsletters are current, engaging, and offer resources benefiting the community at large. His services strengthen financial literacy so overlooked in formal education!

Patricia Olino

As the principal of a small business in California – I have gone through 2 EAs and 2 CPAs who have all filed my tax returns in-correctly with the IRS while also failing to file correct forms for the State of California. The result is $8,900 in penalties with the IRS and $5,000 with the State of California FTB. The FTB reviewed everything and confirmed that all CPAs and EAs whom I hired to file my taxes did NOT file correct. The FTB took mercy on me and now I got a consultation from Mike today and he was MAGNIFICENT in terms of his advisory. I strongly recommend him as I have experienced nothing but hubris and incompetency from so many CPAs and EAs. THANK YOU, MIKE – for your advice. I will pursue based on our consultation.

Moe Montana

Want someone with plenty of Tax experience to help you file your taxes & protect you from the IRS?.. Look no further…

Matt Nieschalk

Michael was a great help to me he answered all questions that I needed he gave me websites to go to to talk to IRS and how to do my paperwork for withholdings so I wouldn’t own so much at the end of the year the year I love how they talk to you and communicate with you. Thank you so much.

Naomi Hollins

I found Mike to be very knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the stress out of taxes and keeps you informed. I would recommend Mike to my family and friends without hesitation.

James Curtis

Mike is relentless in getting to your problems and looking to find tax solutions for your business. He is consistent in saying what he means and meaning what he says. He takes on the pressure, so you can stay focused on business.

Dr. Steve Grennan

I’m glad I called and emailed Mike. He’s very professional and polite. I highly recommend him to everybody! I can’t wait to work with him again.

Jessieann Banda

Wow! I had such an awesome experience with Mike and his staff, even though it was all virtual (due to COVID). He was instrumental in filing my taxes and getting me a refund when I was not expecting such a great outcome! His help was of such importance to me because I recently lost my husband to COVID and my husband.

Lala Chappell

Wow! I thought I was going to owe the IRS a bundle. Thanks for turning that around into a refund.

Amanda Morton

He’s a strong advocate for his clients, one example being when our state refund was severely delayed- he reached out to the IRS directly to resolve issues creating barriers for our return and resolved this within days. It’s clear he does go the extra mile for not only for us but extends this gift to the rest of his clients. He remains composed, helpful, and patient despite the seemingly stressful topic of tax filings particularly for 1099 self-employed individuals.

I have never had such a great experience with tax professionals as I am having with Sacramento Tax Resolution. Always quick to respond to any and all questions and we very scared when our bookkeeper for 23 years retired. I am at complete ease! thank you so much for you and all the team. AWESOME!

Angelina Jaurique

Mike, thank you for your assistance this afternoon. The material you shared before our appointment was extremely valuable. I truly appreciate your knowledge and suggestion regarding my situation, thank you.

Paula Wiggins

I feel confident that your company is the right company to help me with my tax matter. I’m confident you can help me get my taxes handled.

Bill Barhite

Mike was extremely helpful. He took the time to understand my situation in the initial consultation and gave me his honest opinion on how to move forward. He knows his stuff!

Stephanie Taylor

This is the place to go any IRS problems. All staff is very friendly and they are so helpful with tax purposes. Must see them first before go to anywhere.

Kulwinder Singh