“Attention Tax Pro…
If I could show you how to add $50,000 to your bottom line in 2020, would you be interested?”

Dear Friend,

Crazy times.

“In the midst of adversity lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein.

He was right.

Look at all of the businesses that are struggling:

  • JCPenney
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Crew
  • GNC
  • California Pizza Kitchen

Not to mention all the mom and pop local businesses we don’t even hear about.

How are you doing?

If you’re like the typical tax pro, you’re joined at the hip to tax prep and bookkeeping.

That’s dangerous.


Simple. According to the horse itself, the IRS, the number of tax returns prepared by paid tax preparers is down 20% this year! https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/filing-season-statistics-for-week-ending-may-8-2020


“In the midst of adversity lies opportunity,”
-Albert Einstein.

So, if you’re not offering more lucrative services to your clients, your business will stagnate. You don’t want your business to be, in the words of Richard Koch, “a dog,” right?

It’s in your best interest to pivot. To do things the majority is unwilling to do.

Let everyone else go down with the tax preparation ship. But I think you’re different. You’re unwilling to let your business sell for 1-1.2x gross.

To know that you worked so hard, for so many years, only to get that low of a sales price is…


I don’t want that for you. And I don’t even think you want that for you. What DO you want? Allow me to blunt and read your mind:

  1. You want a business you can either sell for a high margin or hand to your kids.
  2. You want something tangible to show for your years of hard work.
  3. You want to make a difference in hundreds, maybe thousands of lives.

You want to leave the world a little better than you found it.

I have good news:

You can do all of the above!

That’s right.

Did I mention? You can even be appreciated by clients who WON’T scrutinize every line item of your work OR cry that you raised your fees by $10 this year.


Clients who gladly hand you 15x or more than what you can command with typical tax prep.

If you had this kind of opportunity, would you be interested? And if you had a coach to take you by the hand and practically guarantee your success, wouldn’t this be a no-brainer?

Oh, and you don’t need to be an EA or CPA to start onboarding these clients. If you are an EA or CPA, even better.

And, if said coach even helped you add AT LEAST $2,000+ to your bottom line…

…IN 14 DAYS…

…You’d be a fool to decline that kind of opportunity, right?

You can even be appreciated by clients who WON’T scrutinize every line item of your work

Here’s the good part:

As the host of my own radio show (The Mike Ornelas Radio Show) on Money 105.5, bestselling author, and business coach, I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!

I’m even willing to partner with you to show you the ropes of getting lucrative clients.

How can I be so sure?


I started my own office after having helped my dad’s tax business more than double in…

…3 years!

True story.

The eaglet outgrew the nest. So, in 2018, without:

  • A desk
  • A laptop
  • An office
  • Clients
  • Software
  • Funding
  • A website

I set out on my own. It was sink or swim. There was no going back. Failure was not an option.

What happened?

I did it again!My business, Sacramento Tax Resolution, is on the verge of hitting mid-six figures by the end of this year! But, I’m only one guy. There are an estimated 22 million tax debtors who can benefit from being represented by a tax pro.

Consider this:

There is currently a total of 4,000 tax firms in the United States offering tax resolution. That means EVERY one of those firms would need to onboard A MINIMUM of 15 new tax resolution clients…


Yet, the vast majority of said firms are solopreneurs. There’s no way they can serve their existing clients AND onboard 15 brand-new clients, every day, 365 days per year!

It’s estimated that the number of tax debtors in the U.S. will skyrocket by 3x by the end of 2021 (source: the NAEA)


Where do you fit into this picture?

By joining us. Join us by learning how to offer this service to your existing tax clients. And, get as many new clients as you can handle! What would it mean if you were to get 1 new tax resolution client at an average fee of $5,000? Oh, and that’s not including their 5 years of un-filed tax returns they’ll beg you to prepare. Not including bookkeeping, payroll or any other service you offer them.



Would an extra $5,000 per month change your life? That’s only 1 new client per month. I’m not one to brag, but if you only get 1 new tax resolution client per month…

…You ain’t trying!

What if you got 2 new clients for $10-$15k of extra income, per month? That’s an extra $120-$180k added to your bottom line. Would that change your life?

I’m sending out a “Macedonian Call” to as many of my colleagues who want to cash in, as possible. There are millions already, and there are going to be millions more taxpayers and small businesses who need our help in the coming months.

This need is urgent!

I’m offering this opportunity to you now because I’m on a mission to help 100 of my colleagues add 6 figures to their bottom line by 2025.

Here’s the next step:

Call my office at 916-509-3553, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (Pacific). Tell them you want to setup a Zoom chat to discuss learning Tax Resolution.

I only ask that you setup this call if you’re really interested in getting started right away. And that you actually show up to the call. Also, no texting, emailing or talking to anyone else during our call. The purpose of the call is to talk about adding $50k+ to your bottom line by the end of 2020. You can’t do that if you’re distracted, right? J

My staff will ask you for a fully refundable, $100 deposit to hold your place on my calendar. We’ll talk about your business and goals. Then, we’ll get to work!

Without further ado, pick up that phone and call or text my office at 916-509-3553. The call will take about 1 hour, so plan accordingly.

Oh, and I only have time to work with 3 more tax pros. That’s right. I’m already working with 3 other tax pros to add tax resolution to their firms. This isn’t a bait and switch. Just a fair warning that, I’m a busy person, like you, and only have time to accommodate 6 total clients.

The last time I put together a group like this, my wife of 7 years told me things she’d do to harm me that still make me shudder!

I look forward to helping you achieve the business of your dreams,

Mike Ornelas, EA

Mike Ornelas, EA

Host of the Mike Ornelas
Radio Show on Money 105.5
As seen on Fox 40
Bestselling Author of “Dealing with the IRS”

P.S. Once my 3 openings are gone, they’re gone.

P.P.S. This opportunity is so urgent, if you delay, you’ll miss this golden opportunity to cash in!

P.P.S. I’ve invested well over $100,000 learning this material and how to build a tax resolution business. Don’t worry. You won’t invest nearly that much to have me hold your hand through the process!

P.P.P.S. You could hire someone else to coach you. But, wouldn’t you rather be trained by someone who’s DOING this? Sure, someone who USED TO do this could teach you a lot. But, what better way to learn than to learn firsthand from someone in the trenches, right?